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How PDP agents travelled to Cambridge to check out Buhari’s certificate

the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal kicked off few months ago,
the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) sent a team of lawyers and other
party agents to the University of Cambridge to confirm the authenticity
of the West African School Certificate (WASC) of President Muhammadu


A Cambridge source said that the opposition party did not
only send a delegation but also made a request seeking potential
evidence, citing doubts about the authenticity of the President’s WASC

The source said that the PDP representatives who visited
Cambridge were stunned to discover that the President did write the
examination, passed and were even dumbfounded when they cited the well
kept records of the Cambridge University.

The source said even
the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and associates requested
Cambridge provide them with a confirmation of his certificate. 

Assessment International Education had to issue a certifying statement
that indeed President Buhari sat for his examinations in 1961. It was
because the institution was inundated with requests for the verification
of his result.”

The source said the institution is surprised
that the opposition party still claims that the President does not have a
certificate even after it had demanded for it and was handed evidence.

revelation from Cambridge is coming amid the circulation on Friday of a
pre-2015 election video, slanted to give the impression that the
President’s certificate is still a contentious issue.

In a press
statement on Friday by Oladele Peter, the Secretary of Initiative to
Save Democracy (ISD) said it is sub judice for the opposition party to
continue to make attempts at preempting the judgment of the Presidential
Election Tribunal.

“The desperation of the PDP is frightening,
very frightening to say the least. They will stop at nothing and I
expect Nigerians to be aware of their antics by now. They have peddled
all kind of falsehood against the President especially the claim that he
does not have a certificate but have always failed.”

He noted
that the first attempt to ridicule the President was in 2014 before the
2015 elections, stressing that, if they have any evidence contrary to
what has been presented in court and what they themselves discovered at
Cambridge and which was tendered in the open court, they should present

“The PDP is free to present its counter-evidence if there is
any but they know that there is no such document or evidence. They are
only playing on the emotions of Nigerians by peddling fake news; a 2015
video deliberately slanted. It is  time Nigerians become more aware of
this,” he said.

Mr Peter said it is another signal of desperation
that the opposition party has even gone to the extent of populating an
old video in which the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed was
deliberately taken out of context.

“This is a very old video, for
those of us who watch Channels TV we were stunned to see the video
making the rounds, it’s old and ridiculous. If you watch the video, you
will find that Mr. Mohammed never said they should pardon the President,
instead he said if someone does not find his or her certificate after
53 years they could be pardoned.

According to him, “it is
unbelievable how the opposition party and its backers continue to push a
media campaign hoping to confuse everybody, yet in the court of law,
their case was clearly shown to be hopeless and baseless.”

the Cambridge University Certificate the President’s lawyer, Wole
Olanipekun also presented in court class photos of the President and his
classmates. The Cambridge University Certificate was obtained
personally by the President’s Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari who
travelled to the UK to secure it in mid-July.

While Malam
Suleman Mai-adua, Buhari’s classmate in Katsina Provincial Secondary
School presented to the court the group photograph of the school’s class
six of 1961 set.

Source:- Pmnewsnigeria

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