Oyo Governor Makinde Exposes How Ex Governor, His Wife And Others Shared Contract Money

Oyo State State Governor, Seyi Makinde has exposed how former Oyo State
Governor shared money meant for contract with others, leaving only 10
percent for the execution of the project.

Makinde, in his 100
days chat on Twitter, did not mention the name of the governor, but in
the manner he spoke, he was apparently referring to the immediate past
Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi.


According to Makinde, he
declared his assets because he wanted to be held accountable, saying
that what he met on ground was a situation where a project for which
money was allocated, got only about 10% of the total funds for

“I declared my assets because I want to be held
accountable. What we met on ground is a situation where a project for
which money is allocated, gets only about 10% of the total funds for
execution. “Because as we were told, 50% goes back to the Governor, 30%
to the appointee who allocated the project out of which 10% goes to the
Governor’s wife. I have told them anyone who does that now will be
brought to book,” he said.

Makinde also said that during
electioneering, he said he would scrap CCTV cameras but that after
getting into government, “we changed our minds as scrapping it will be a
disservice to the people of Oyo State since the money has already been
spent. Rather, we will enhance it so it can be useful to combat

He also emphasised that good governance is
beyond razzmatazz, saying that he rejected a proposal to paint the
secretariat, as it might look good to outsiders “but internally, the
furniture is bad, the toilets are bad and e-governance is an issue. I
would rather do a proper job.

“We sat down with the contractor
and he said he needed N350 million to complete it. We gave the N350
million to complete the project and he promised to finish in 4 months. I
can tell you, he has resumed work. We will complete good projects
commenced by any administration. It’s all for our people.”

added that good governance transcended politics, saying that any
contractor that had been paid for any project would have to finish the
work, “so that we can have value for people of Oyo State. Like the silo
project, despite spending N1 billion, I was not impressed with what I

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