Taylor Swift’s New Album Has Motivated Selena Gomez To Release Something Soon Too, Source Says

Taylor Swift’s newest album has reportedly inspired yet another singer to work hard and release some new music as well – Selena Gomez! As fans know, Selena’s latest LP, Revival, was almost four years ago but Taylor managed to come out with two albums in under two years!


That being said, one insider report claims this has motivated Selena to focus on her music as well and drop something as soon as possible.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Selena has been very motivated with working on new music because her brain is always focused on music. She is always thinking of fun ideas and lyrics all the time for new songs either for herself or others. There is a new album coming that her fans have been clamoring for for so long, she is just trying to put the finishing touches on it all!’

They went on to share that ‘She has actually been working on music for her album over the last few years here and there and with the recent release of Taylor Swift‘s Lover album, it has really lit a completely new fire in Selena to get some of her music out there. She is actually looking to get stuff out before the end of the year.’

The insider also argued that Selena actually has a lot of songs finished but she has to decide on which 12 or 13 she will pick to be on the new album.

Apparently, it’s going to be a really fun one but also emotional at times, talking about her personal life and how she’s changed and matured in the last few years.

If everything goes according to plan, Selena’s fans may have brand new music to listen to by the end of this year!

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